As a Catholic primary school, St Rita’s is welcoming to all who seek to share in what our school community has to offer. St Rita’s provides an engaging learning environment that allows all children the opportunity to achieve their personal best. We don’t simply teach curriculum, rather we aim to develop our young students as life-long learners who are empowered to positively contribute to the world around them.

The importance of a holistic education is highlighted in all aspects of teaching and learning at St Rita’s. The development of the mind, body and spirit is recognised as being central to the growth of the individual child. A well-rounded curriculum, which develops the cognitive, physical, social, emotional, creative and spiritual domains, taught in small classes ensures that the most engaging, enriched learning experiences are planned for your child.

Fee Reduction

Cairns Catholic Education has acknowledged the difficult economic conditions that the Babinda area is experiencing and has significantly reduced fees at St Rita’s School, in support of the Babinda community. From 2019 all new and existing families at St Rita’s School will pay a maximum of $480 per student per year ($120 per term) for Tuition Fees, Textbooks, Stationery, and School Levies, all-inclusive.

Bus fares will also be paid by the school on behalf of students and the amount payable after the allowable rebate will be invoiced to families.